USAmist’s Patented Hybrid-Drum Mosquito Misting System is the only system on the market that brings the functionality and reliability of a traditional 55 gallon system along with the aesthetic features of the newer tankless systems. No longer do you have to worry about finding a place where you can hide the traditional 55 Gallon Drum; nor do you have to worry about finding a water source that is close to a power source like you would with tankless mosquito systems.

With USAmist’s Hybrid-Drum System we have created the ultimate mosquito misting machine. This system can be placed pretty much anywhere around your home or business without creating an eyesore for you or your neighbors to see. Our system is not only attractive but reliable.

As you all know, the newer tankless systems that are on the market are very compact and easy to hide during the installation process but a nightmare to maintain. There are always solenoid valves to replace, water sources that were accidentally turned off by the homeowner or gardener, and smart caps that have to be replaced at each refill. This not only causes a lot of headaches but can be very costly. This is why USAmist created their patented Hybrid-Drum System. Order today and see why USAmist is leading the way in the mosquito control industry.


  • Patented Plastic Housing – USAmist created and patented the ultimate mosquito misting machine. System can hold up to 60 gallons.
  • LED Computer System – Adjust your system even after the sun sets with our LED backlit screen.
  • Removable Front Cover – Creates easy access for working on the system’s motor and pump.
  • Locking Feature – Secure your system by simply placing a lock on the cover to prevent unwanted visitors from messing with your system. Once the system is locked no one but you will be able to access the internal components.
  • Solution Agitator – Our systems come equipped with an agitator to ensure your misting solution is always in perfect balance to provide the best mosquito control for your yard.
  • Stainless Steel / Nickel Components – Components resist rust and withstand the elements for long-lasting use.
  • Self Contained – Our patented plastic housing creates a water tight barrier for the internal components. No more covers to worry about placing on top of the 55 gallon drum that deteriorate in 2-3 years.
  • Up to 16 Spray Times – USAmist’s Hybrid Tank Machines are very versatile and can handle up to 16 spray periods during the period of 24 hours.