How It Works

Automatic Misting Systems

You never have to worry about mosquitoes again when you install a USA Mist automatic misting system. A series of small, nickel-plated, stainless steel nozzles are installed around the perimeter of your home or business. The system is programmed, then filled with our natural-based Green Solution. The system dispenses an ultra-low concentration of our patented botanical insecticide into the air two to three times a day. Our systems work around your schedule, not the other way around. Controlling mosquitoes has never been safer or easier than with a USA Mist automatic misting system!

USA Mist’s Green Solution

Our natural-based, botanical insecticide is derived from a daisy-like chrysanthemum flower which has been known to have organic insecticidal properties for centuries. The ancient Chinese used the dried and powdered flowers as an insecticide and listed this material in a pharmacopoeia published around 100 A.D.!
Our Green Solution is very safe for use around humans and pets and can be used to effectively control mosquitoes with extreme confidence. It is considered to be one the safest if not the safest insecticides available today. It is so low in toxicity that the US Government approves its use on insect-prone foods such as tomatoes. Even though it is considered to be low in toxicity, it is one of the best solutions for mosquito control. Since our Green Solution is bio-degradable, it will naturally break-down when exposed to sunlight and air, which means there will be no build up of insecticides in your yard. You can now take advantage of this safe, effective, natural-based solution and keep your yard free of disease-carrying mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Synthetic Insecticide

Our synthetic insecticide has a chemical structure similar to our natural insecticide and works in a similar manner. The primary difference between the two is that our synthetic insecticide is more stable in sunlight and therefore has a longer-lasting effect.