Where can I buy a USA Mist Mosquito Control System?

You can find a local installer by clicking here.

How much does a USA Mist Mosquito Misting System Cost?

Our dealers offer several options. Depending on the option you choose, you can enjoy a USA Mist system along with a complete service plan for as little as $75 per month. Please contact your local dealer to learn more by clicking here.

Are the insecticides safe?

Yes. USA Mist’s botanical insecticide is a natural-based solution derived from chrysanthemum flowers. It has an extremely low toxicity and is completely safe for humans and pets. Learn more about our Green Solution here.

Is there any concern about possible run-off?

Our Green Solution is comprised of Pyrethrum that is fully bio-degradable and is heavily diluted so that there is no concern about potential run-off.

How do I maintain my system?

Our dealers offer service plans that include refilling your tank and performing regular maintenance to your system. Click here to locate a dealer in your area.