Dear USA Mist,

Mike and I are so impressed with our system that was installed Spring ’06 in Greensboro, NC. It was definitely a dream come true! Our daughter was getting married that summer and we were hosting several bridal parties in our back yard. We could never have done that before because of the mosquito problem in the middle of the summer. After having our USA Mist system installed we did not have another mosquito or bug bite during all our backyard activities! All of our family members and friends were truly amazed when we told them we would be eating and entertaining outside—and they absolutely loved it!!!

We are really looking forward to another summer of a bug-free yard to actually enjoy. Thank you so much for making backyard entertaining fun again! Your systems are great!


Mike and Sara Smith
Greensboro, NC

To Our Friends at USA Mist,

After remodeling our back patio, I tried bug lights, citronella candles, you name it…but I was never successful in eliminating my mosquito problem. I began looking at a mosquito control system in April 2008 and really did not know a thing about these types of systems. I was very concerned on the type of insecticide misting systems used. I did a lot of research on pyrethrum insecticide and found it to be very safe. Pyrethrum has been a substance used for over 60 years in the food industry and other industries to help kill mosquitoes.

I had one of USA Mist’s certified technician’s come to my house to see what they recommended. I received cost estimates from three (3) different companies and the USA Mist System seemed to be the one that was the best bang for the buck. We have had our system in now for almost four years and we absolutely love it! Their system has more than exceeded my expectations. The system works flawlessly. I continue to feel very comfortable with USA Mist systems and I would recommend this company’s mosquito system to anyone. They do exactly what they say they will…get rid of mosquitoes! USA Mist is definitely the elite mosquito control company in the country!


Mike Davis
Houston, Texas

USA Mist,

I think the fact that I have personally recommended your system to other homeowners and businesses speaks volumes about my confidence in USA Mist Mosquito Systems. I spend a lot of time in my backyard with my boys and I find they are getting more use out of the pool and their play area now that pests have become less of a problem around our yard. The best part of it is that I can now enjoy dinner outdoors without being eaten alive!

I wish you continued success with the business.

Brenda and Don Williams
Tampa, Florida

Dear USA Mist,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your company USA Mist Mosquito Control for providing such a great product. Not only do we have a mosquito free backyard, but I no longer have to worry about my dog having fleas or ticks, my spiders no longer take over my back porch or pool area…I absolutely love my system! I couldn’t live without it now.

As you know, we were in the process of completely renovating our backyard while being filmed on HGTV. During the renovation process, we were contemplating whether or not to go with a tankless mosquito system or USA Mist’s Hybrid-Drum Based System. In the end, we decided to go with the USA Mist system. I felt very comfortable with the system and how easy it was to use! Till this day we are pleased with our decision!

My husband and I, and the kids for that matter, highly recommend your system to anyone. Thank you again USA Mist and I hope you have a fabulous and successful year.

Best regards,

Caroline Yates
Myrtle Beach, SC

USA Mist,

My husband and I wanted to thank you for engineering such an easy to use mosquito killing machine! We have never been able to enjoy our back patio until now. What a great invention! We are so thrilled with the results that we would recommend it to anyone. We look forward to enjoying many years of Mosquito free living.

Thanks again,

Angie and Chris Jones
Atlanta, GA

USA Mist,

I have lived in my house now for 5 years and until this year I have never been able to enjoy our backyard. After installing a USA Mist Mosquito System in my backyard…we never have mosquitoes! I can actually sit outside, barbeque, and enjoy our back patio.

Thank you so much USA Mist!

Craig Jones
Charlotte, NC

USA Mist,

Over the years I have spent over $300,000 in my backyard (pool, patio, deck, landscaping, etc.) and my USA Mist system is the best HGH investment/purchase yet! Thank you so much for making our backyard the oasis we have always dreamed of it being. We would recommend your systems to anyone!

Dan Darfler
Miami, Florida